Announcements regarding Electronic Bluebook software

1. As of this semester, EBB no longer supports Windows XP and Mac OS 10.5 (or older). If you are using a computer that still relies on these operating systems, you will need to upgrade either the system software or your computer, or you should plan on handwriting your exam. Academic Technologies staff will not troubleshoot problems with EBB on these operating systems, and you will be given no extra time during your exam if you experience problems with either system.

The current version of Mac OS can be purchased at the Duke Technology Center. It is also possible to get the latest version of Windows 7 or 8 at a deeply discounted price at the technology center. The Academic Technologies help desk can also help with installing these operating systems, but be advised that the process can be very time intensive. If you are running these older operating systems, you may be best served by purchasing a new laptop; our specifications can be found here:

2. Do not update to Mac OS 10.9 or Windows 8.1 this fall when they are released – until and unless we can attest that EBB is fully compatible with these updates. If you intend to buy a new computer, we recommend you purchase it before these updated operating systems are released.

3. We will be distributing EBB starting around mid-November, but note this policy change: If a bug fix necessitates a newer version of EBB after that point, we will make the new version available and announce it, and then prevent the older version from communicating with the EBB server (thus if you test your copy of EBB, you should see that it is out of date). Please be alert so that you are not left using an older, potentially buggy version of EBB!

Please contact the help desk with questions.

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