Fall 2013 Externship Opportunities

Coordinators from the various offices receive many application packets from law students representing all seven of the NC law schools. Some of the coordinators have asked that I help facilitate the process by collecting and sending packets from Duke Law students in one group. If you are interested in an externship with the Wake County Public Defender’s Office, Wake County District Attorney’s Office, Durham County District Attorney’s office, NC Office of the Appellate Defender or the US Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of North Carolina please email Burrucker@law.duke.edu for a the application criteria. Assemble packets into separate PDF files for each organization. Name each file using your last name and the organization, for example Burrucker – Durham DA.The files should be in order by cover letter, resume, etc. as required. Complete packets must be emailed to me, Burrucker@law.duke.edu, by 5:00 Wednesday, March 20.

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