Mail delivery problem to Exchange mailboxes Feb 7 – Feb 8

Duke’s Office of Information Technology has reported that between 11:48pm and 7:46am Feb 7 – Feb 8, 25% of email messages addressed to Exchange mailboxes from outside Exchange were not delivered. Messages within Exchange were all delivered. Senders would have received “bounce” messages (warning them that the email was not delivered), except in the case of some email lists. In those cases, the bounce message may have gone to the email list owner rather than the sender, leaving the sender unaware. This problem could have affected email from both Duke Law email lists and Sakai email lists. If you expected an email that did not come, you may wish to inquire with the sender. If you sent a message to a Duke Law email list or your students between 11:48pm and 7:46am on Feb 7 to Feb 8, you may want to resend it.

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