As of May 31, 2013, the student organization website hosting service will be decommissioned. At this time, all sites will be deleted and content will be lost. In preparation for this change, alternative ways to maintain a student organization website at Duke are as follows:

The first option is to transfer your site to OIT’s service. Since was created, OIT is able to provide better support for Duke students with a free WordPress server so the University Center Activities & Events (UCAE) group is encouraging students to start using as an alternative for DukeGroups Hosting. continues to provide student organizations with a free web hosting option for student organizations with increased technical support and new features.

If you are interested in transitioning your site to, and would like assistance transferring the content from your site, you can submit a help request to OIT through this link: and OIT will be able to help you through this process.

An alternative option for student organization websites is to work with Duke’s Office of Trademark Licensing to purchase an external web domain. For more information and to begin this process, you can contact the Office of Trademark Licensing here:

To best facilitate this transition, all student organizations with a website must complete the following form by Friday, February 15th notifying UCAE of which option they will be pursuing. If individuals or organizations do not complete this form by 2/15/13, their websites and all content will automatically be deleted on May 31, 2013.

Complete this form by visiting this link:

Additionally, during this period of transition, sites will only be available for viewing within the Duke network. Users who try to access a site from off campus will receive an error message, but all sites will remain accessible via the Duke network until May 31, 2013.

If you have any questions about this change or about the new options, please contact Caitlin Shaw, Program Coordinator, UCAE: Student Involvement, at

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