“Murder as a Fine Art: The Ethics of Crime Fiction” by Ruth Morse

Ruth Morse, Université Paris-Diderot, Sorbonne, will present, “Murder as a Fine Art: The Ethics of Crime Fiction” on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 5 p.m. In her talk, Ruth Morse will begin from the disdain in which popular genres have often been held and argue that crime fiction at its best has always explored key social and geo-political issues, including international threats such as arms, drugs, labor, money, and prostitution, and, through its conventions, has opened its readers to think about the world’s elsewheres, while insisting upon universal moral and ethical ideas.

To reserve a space, or for more information, please contact Martha Johnson at 919-549-0661, ext. 116 or mjohnson@nationalhumanitiescenter.org.

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